Urbanista San Francisco ErgonoMic Earphones with Remote and Mic Red Snapper/Red

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Urbanista headphones are stylish and practical accessories that make your everyday life richer and a lot more fun. Urban people tend to lead stressful lives with endless things juggled through the days. Finding a balance in our lifes are essential and all the help we can get is valuable. Therefore Urbanista makes products and solutions which allows a life filled with both focused exercise as well as the small improvements. Urbanista Boston headphones are developed to give that extra push during your workout, focusing on strong bass and impeccable clarity. These Bluetooth powered headphones give you the freedom to really move, and are also designed with a unique construction making them water resistant. The comfortable silicon wing provides a secure fit and a comprehensive sound experience. Control your music and calls with the 3 button hands-free including volume control. These earphones are a fusion of frontline design and superb audio technology, to allow you to wear your music. Compatible with android, iOS, and Windows.
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